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Thank you. Your yoga classes have made a real difference to my quality of life over the past month. F.Z.

I have practiced yoga for many years, but I have discovered new sensations at Nathalie's classes. She is entirely present with us and teaches us with conscientious attention and loving kindness. She always finishes with a quote that inspires us. I look forward to each class. R.S.

The classes were a great combination of flow, stretching, physical exercise and relaxation. A combination that really allowed me to relax and unwind, and leaved me feeling that my body had had a physical workout and my mind refreshed.  Nathalie is one of the best yoga teachers I have come across.  R.M.

For me, Nathalie’s yoga classes are exactly the right combination of challenging, strenuous and soothing, a balance I had not encountered before . . .much appreciated.   V.K.

Nathalie's class is the most relaxing yoga class I have taken. No one week is the same as the next. She introduces new asanas each week and does a good job explaining how each one energizes a particular part of the body. She doesn't expect perfection. R.A

Nathalie's classes were a highlight to look forward to each week - they left me feeling renewed, centered and ready to start the day. I appreciated the creativity and originality of each lesson, and the attention and investment Nathalie made to my progress throughout the course.  M.O.

Nathalie Doswald

Reconnect to yourself

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