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 Our lives are stories told through our body and its movement. Yet many of us use our minds to understand those stories ignoring our bodies' wisdom. Consciously embodying the story of our lives (rather than just thinking about it) allows us to understand ourselves at a deeper level. Yoga allows us to explore ourselves and learn to live fully embodied.

Yoga Fables: tapping into your body's wisdom is a book of yoga vinyasa and restorative sequences for adults, which are designed to strengthen the body-mind connection and tap into our inner wisdom through movement. To this end, each sequence is illustrated by a fable, which is in essence a meditation to be embodied through the sequence. The concept is akin to "The Upanishads meets western Hatha yoga" and aims to awaken creativity and fun in the practice of yoga and self-discovery, and enable embodied consciousness.

Embodying inspiring material in the yoga practice itself so as to connect more fully with our bodies as vehicles for our own personal stories, as offered by the book Yoga Fables, is an entirely novel concept. Through play, which is an important vehicle for learning and creativity even in adults, it can help us understand and heal the traumas carried in the body and write new stories within.

Yoga Fables

Nathalie Doswald

Reconnect to yourself

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