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Workshops & Retreats

Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness

 An 8 week session of 2 hours each:

  • Improve self-confidence

  • Reduce stress and find well-being

  • Helps to fight anxiety and depression

  • Reconnects you to yourself and helps you take your life back into your hands

Mindfulness restructures and develops your brain and helps reduce stress. The yoga therapy offered is Trauma Sensitive Yoga which helps reconnect you back to your body, developing self-confidence, agency and effective action. Furthermore, yoga can help increase heart rate variablity which is important for emotion regulation.

In the 8 sessions, we will look at:

  • Your relationship to yourself and others

  • Sensations and emotions

  • Choices and effective action

  • Living daily in the present

The next 8 week session in english - coming soon

Contact me for more information. 

NB: This is not a psychotherapy nor a substitute but can be followed in parallel.

Nathalie Doswald

Reconnect to yourself

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