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YOGA: I teach yoga classes for all levels for groupes at studios or community classes. I also offer private classes in your home and corporate classes at office space. My creative yoga classes are designed for well-being, self-discovery and fun!

They take into account that we are all unique and come with different life circumstances (capability, injuries, health conditions) and that we need a holistic and intergrated approach for well-being.

 All details are available here.

TCTSY: I also teach Trauma Sensitive Yoga either in groups or in private.

What people say:

Nathalie Doswald worked with me as the yoga teacher for the French Alps Retreat 2015. She has a natural ability to intuitively know what the group needs and offer participants the yoga practices to gently ease everyone into a deep and quiet space of relaxation and introspection. Nathalie has an ability to help participants take a step up to their next level using stories, and her spirited, upbeat energy encourages them enjoy it all the way.

Debra Moffitt

Award-winning Author of "Garden of Bliss" and "Awake in the World"

I have practiced yoga for many years, but I have discovered new sensations at Nathalie's classes. She is entirely present with us and teaches us with conscientious attention and loving kindness. She always finishes with a quote that inspires us. I look forward to each classes.


Geneva, Switzerland

The work that you do is really super and necessary.


Participant to the Yoga theray and mindfuness workshop 2017, Geneva, Switzerland

Nathalie's classes were a highlight to look forward to each week - they left me feeling renewed, centered and ready to start the day. I appreciated the creativity and originality of each lesson, and the attention and investment Nathalie made to my progress throughout the course.


Cambridge, UK

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Nathalie Doswald

Reconnect to yourself

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