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Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word for an intention, a resolution or a vow defined in the heart and mind. A sankalpa is powerful. It is what determines the result of our actions. Often the intentions that motivate our actions are unconscious or preprogrammed resulting in an outcome that we might not have wanted. To form and have a sankalpa is the seed that will guide our actions. Defining a sankalpa can therefore help us to achieve a goal.

To create a sankalpa, formulate a positive thought or image in your mind. Repeat it to yourself and keep it at the forefront of your mind. It is important to formulate it in a positive way rather than a negative way because the mind latches on to words in a nearly visual way. The mind cannot interpret negatives. Try to visualise “not falling”…and chances are you will see the action of falling. Once you have your thought or image, feel the end result with all your heart (how it feels to achieve your goal for example). Adding feeling to the sankalpa increases its power and makes it a reality.

“One can become what ever one wants when one contemplates the object of desire with faith”

~ Bhagavad Gita


Version française - voir /la-force-du-sankalpa-lintention/

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